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Is Your Roof Safety System Compliant?


Certification simply means that your installation (say an anchor point)  meets the correct standard, but it does not necessarily mean that the overall system is safe to use, and very often it is not. You may be legally exposed without knowing it.

For example;  very often abseilers install anchor points in positions to access a vertical drop that can be within 2 metres of an edge, with no thought of how to safely attach to that anchor point . This means they  walk uncoupled into the 2 metre zone to attach too the anchor. Momentarily they place themselves in an unsafe position and remain at risk until coupled.

This unsafe design flaw  puts YOU the  building owner at legal risk without even realising it.  This type of shortcut installation is a common occurrence and arises from poor design practise. It is highly likely that on analysis you will find similar flaws in your rooftop system.

As a corollary to the above the worker typically will not report this flaw in system design and overlooks the breach of workplace safety simply to get the job done.  The complication of reporting the safety issue with the real prospect of losing time and work (and money) being the over-arching motivation for ignoring safety and rarely are these safety issues reported to the building owner, thus they are never rectified. Remaining potential time bombs for when a near miss, accident, injury or death occurs.

It is a commonly held belief that the end user has  the ultimate responsibility for safety on a work site. This may be considered true if the installed system is completely safe; however, if the safety system is not safe then YOU the building owner are totally responsible, should something go wrong.

Does your Roof Safety System Comply?

We will do a full review of your Roof Safety Setup. There can be many and varied jobs that need doing on a rooftop, from abseiling off it in order to replace a glass panel to installing antennae for a telecommunications network. All will require workers to use different safety systems and sometimes require access to areas that have never been accessed before. We can modify, rectify or set up an auxiliary safety system to suits the needs of the ever changing requirements on a rooftop. We will also examine your existing systems and offer a detailed report of things that need to be rectified in order to meet OHS standards.

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