Commercial Window Cleaning 


Excellence of Presentation

Your Business cannot afford to present in an unprofessional manner to your customers. Presenting a smart clean professional image proves pure customer Gold conveying an image where your customer feels you are worthy of their business.

Scheduled periodic Commercial Window Cleaning means, over time, cheaper building maintenance costs and protection of the glass surface against mineral build up.

Commercial Glass needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly otherwise it can lead to permanent and irreversible damage  (lime burn) chemically changing the glass surface.

Contracting a Commercial Window Cleaning Service enables you as the building manager or owner, over the long term, to reduce costs, subliminally increasing positive perception of your business, and resulting in greater profitability. Commercial scheduled periodic window cleaning is a clever choice.

Vertical Challenge is a market leader in the quality of service proffered to clients. Some of the work we perform:

  • Educational Facilities - Universities and Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Commercial & Office Buildings 
  • Showrooms 
  • Retail shopfronts
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Food outlets
  • Hotels 

Periodic Scheduled Commercial Window Cleaning is important if you aim to project the right image to their customers.

Would you buy from a restaurant where the front facing doors and windows are covered in dirt, grease and smothered by handprints?  Common sense would dictate that this would be most unlikely, unless you were desperately hungry, only then might you risk it!  Given a choice though you would eat at the clean establishment presenting itself professionally and well organised.

This makes sense because if glass is neglected and filthy then you can imagine what the standard of cleanliness may be like out the back where you can’t see! E

Even when the risk of food poisoning is not a concern as is the case for other types of businesses, professionally cleaned windows speak most favourably about the  business that you represent.

Show that you are a business that pays attention to detail with  sparkling commercially cleaned windows and that you are professional, organised and  concerned about displaying a pleasing overall work environment. Of course, creating a pleasant environment contributes to the well-being and comfort of both your workers and customers.

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