Ladders - Use in Window Cleaning

Ladder Use in Window Cleaning

Ladder use in Window Cleaning

Ladders, these days, are not the automatic first choice of access preferred by Vertical Challenge. They are only used after a suitable assessment of the alternatives and the prevailing site conditions.

The selection process for access equipment is coming under increasing scrutiny. Though for short duration work, provided a number of well-recognised precautions are taken, ladders still remain a common tool for many jobs.

Within the window cleaning industry Water Fed Pole systems are now the safer alternative to ladders. A surprising number of accidents do happen with ladders, and portable ladders top the list as the biggest single cause of accidents generally, in industry.

Also, something that some householders appreciate, is that by using water fed poles instead of ladders, there is no more need to worry about the window cleaner suddenly appearing at the bedroom window!

Workcover NSW Safety Guide for Portable Ladders