Ceiling Cleaning

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Vertical Challenge cleans Acoustic tiles, including the vents and grid.

The cleaning process involves the use of a fine mist spray of the cleaning agent which absorbs the surface dirt and draws out the impurities and dirt.

Brightness is restored and the ceiling is returned to a virtually "as new" condition. All types of ceiling can be cleaned - including factory painted and vinyl-faced gyprock, vinyl-faced fibreglass, mineral fibre and metal-pan. Plaster walls and ceilings can also be quickly cleaned using this method.

Deep cleaning your ceiling is the inexpensive alternative to painting and acoustical tile replacement. Our treatment removes:

* Ceiling and wall odours

* Smoke

* Oils

* Cooking grease

* Films

* Nicotine

* Dust mites and many more unsanitary pollutants.

Deep cleaning ceilings and walls brighten hard floors, make carpets look cleaner and give the facility a healthier, brighter look.

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